Our 2018 Program Schedule ...


We continue our observance of the 100th anniversary of America’s involvement in WWI with three more programs at the Stone Academy.


      Sunday, March 18th, 2:00 pm   

The First World War before US Involvement

The United States entered Europe's Great War on April 6, 1917. However, the European powers and their colonial holders had been at war since August of 1914. In a few bloody, muddy years, millions of soldiers were killed and wounded as the war expanded to include more nations and newer, deadlier weapons. This presentation will explain the outbreak of war and discuss the conflict before April of 1917. Living historians will demonstrate some of the uniforms and weapons of soldiers, as well as the changes that took place as Europe sank deeper into total war.


   Sunday, April 22nd, 2:00 pm

   Ohio in the First World War

In the spring of 1917, war between the United States and Imperial Germany grew imminent. Ohioans rushed to join their local National Guard companies and prepared for the coming fight, known at the time as the "War of 1917." In only a matter of months these eager Ohio volunteers were transferred to the Federal Army and trained in modern warfare. They were joined by draftees, and by the summer of 1918 were arriving in France by the hundreds of thousands. Within a few months these men were fighting in the trenches of the Western Front, where they faced the horrors of industrialized warfare. This presentation will follow the experiences of Ohio soldiers throughout the course of the war and their return home. Living historians will portray Ohio soldiers, showing how they looked before and after fighting on the Western Front.  

The presenter for both of the above programs will be Cyrus Moore. Cyrus is an Ohio History Service Corps member, currently serving with the Ohio History Service Corps at the Southeast Ohio History Center in Athens. He received a BA in History from Ohio University in 2011 and an MA front Kent State in 2015, where he wrote a thesis on the Ohio National Guard from the Civil War to the Spanish-American War. His primary area of study is Ohio military history, and is currently very involved in the Ohio World War I Centennial.



     Thursday, May 24th, 7:00 pm   Songs of the WWI Era; Muskingum County WWI Veterans


More stories about local people you probably don’t know about but should:  

      Sunday, June 24th, 2:00 pm      Cornelious Springer & Raymond Robins

      Sunday, October 21st, 2:00 pm  Author Talk/Book Signing featuring Bob Hunter, author of Thurberville. Last October Pam  Kirst presented the story of Eva Prout Geiger, including her romantic involvement with author/humorist James Thurber. This  October we follow-up that story with an author talk/book signing featuring Bob Hunter, author of Thurberville.


At the Dr. Increase Mathews House ... 

         Saturday, July 7th, 6:00 – 9:00 pm Special “Putnam Hop” Event at the Mathews House featuring garden and museum tours, a  concert on the lawn featuring the John Glenn High School Steel Drums, and free snow cones.